Amusement (2008) Review

First, I want to apologize for not having a review out yesterday. I’m a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and after their loss, I was rather depressed and just did not feel like doing anything. Please forgive me. *NO SPOILERS It’s rare that you find horror movie that went straight to DVD, did not gather any national attention and yet is still decent. There have been … Continue reading Amusement (2008) Review

Slender: The Arrival (Xbox One) Review

Now, I know that I said I would be doing a horror movie review each day for the month of October but after playing this game, I thought I might make a slight variation to my statement. The reviews of this month will include anything that is horror related, whether it be video games, books, movies, or television shows (American Horror Story does start next … Continue reading Slender: The Arrival (Xbox One) Review