“American Horror Story: Hotel” Initial Thoughs

Let me start off by saying that I am not the biggest American Horror Story fan in the world but… Wow. What a first episode. I was glued to the screen from the opening sequence (which was fantastic). Besides the obvious creepiness of it, I loved how the show creators gave a slight nod to The Shining by having a little girl stand at the … Continue reading “American Horror Story: Hotel” Initial Thoughs

Game of Thrones – “Unbowed, Unbent, and Unbroken” Controversy

(Spoilers are included)

Please note: Rape is not okay in any situation. It is a terrible thing and should not happen to any person. My goal is not to upset anyone. These were my thoughts pertaining to the show itself and not any events in real life.

HBO’s hit television show, Game of Thrones, is no stranger to controversy. It is a show that has been violent, graphic, and sexually explicit from the very start. Even though fans have come to expect this kind of content inside each episode, this past episode, “Unbowed, Unbent, and Unbroken,” has undergone extreme criticism due to a rape scene that occurred within the final moments.

In the scene, Ramsay Bolton, the psychotic son of Roose Bolton, rips the back of Sansa Stark’s dress and brutalizes her. This occurs just moments after the two wed in front of the holy Godswood tree. While the actual rape occurs off camera, the audience was still able to hear Sansa’s screams of agony. Instead, the camera focused on a distraught and horrified Theon Greyjoy.

The scene was powerful enough for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill to tweet that she is done watching the show. McCaskill went as far as to call the scene “disgusting and unacceptable.”

While the scene was indeed horrifying and terrible, it was a scene that was needed for the progress of the show. Continue reading “Game of Thrones – “Unbowed, Unbent, and Unbroken” Controversy”

Review of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder


New to ABC on Thursday nights at 10 P.M., How to Get Away With Murder is a drama that was created by Peter Nowalk and is executively produced by Shonda Rhimes. For those who do not know, Rhimes is also the producer of hit shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

Annalise Keating, played by Academy Award nominee Viola Davis, is a college professor and outstanding lawyer in the city of Philadelphia. She demands an extreme amount of work and effort from her students and is not satisfied with anything but the best. Keating is very blunt in telling her students this information but proceeds to explain that all of them will be competing for four intern spots with her prestigious firm.

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