Who Is Messing With Our Family?

Crash! The Jacksons awoke with a terrible fright. It was nearly 4 A.M. and there was no light breaking through the deep darkness of the night. Adam, the patriarch of the Jackson family, ran quickly downstairs and headed towards the kitchen, where the horrific sound had occurred. Fearful of what he might discover, he slowly pushed open the kitchen door and began to glance around. Scattered across their hardwood floor were shards of their beautiful stained glass window. Angered by what he found, Adam carefully entered the kitchen and began searching for clues that might explain what happened. The only problem was none could be found. Nothing seemed to be missing or out of place. So what happened?

Although Adam was puzzled, he was not surprised. This was not the first time something like this had happened to the Jackson’s house. Just two months ago, they returned from an afternoon outing only to find their front door lying on the ground. The weirdest part of this discovery was that the door wasn’t damaged in any way. Instead, it had simply been unbolted from its frame. Even the police were puzzled because they couldn’t find any trace of fingerprints on the door.

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The Rat Pack Goes Ghost Hunting

Last night, when insomnia struck and I was not able to slip into the darkness of sleep, I decided to take the time to clean my room. While cleaning, I stumbled upon an old flash drive that contained multiple short stories that I was required to write in the past. The one I am most fond of, “The Rat Pack Goes Ghost Hunting” was a story that I wrote in sixth grade and will be the one that is posted today. There have been no changes made from the final copy that was written in sixth grade. Hope you enjoy!

Did you ever belong to a club when you were growing up? I don’t mean a chess club, sports club, pottery club, or something like that. I mean a special club. Maybe you belonged to a club which had an initiation ceremony like becoming blood brothers, and that only your very best friends belonged to. Perhaps it was a club where you attended secret meetings, had special handshakes, and passwords. If you did, then you probably remember how much fun it was planning your next adventure. This story is about a club just like this. No adventure was too crazy, scary, or dangerous; the Rat Pack, as they were known, would try just about anything once.

The Rat Pack consisted of four 12 year old boys who had known each other since preschool. Their names were Zack Johnson, Charlie Sanders, Taylor Hopkins, and Saul Sanchez. When they were eight years old, they decided to form this club, and since then, they have been through so many adventures together. But those stories will be told later. Today, they are discussing their next adventure… ghost hunting.

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