“American Horror Story: Hotel” Initial Thoughs

Let me start off by saying that I am not the biggest American Horror Story fan in the world but…

Wow. What a first episode.

I was glued to the screen from the opening sequence (which was fantastic). Besides the obvious creepiness of it, I loved how the show creators gave a slight nod to The Shining by having a little girl stand at the end of the hallway. Well played.

Tonight’s episode was not very intense by any means and instead was filled with drama and information. There were about fifty questions raised throughout the episode and we only received two answers to those questions. It is one of the trademarks of AHS. It’s not always ideal but it makes the viewers want to watch more.

I loved the character progression we saw from a few of the characters of the course of ONE episode. It was spectacular. Kathy Bates killed it as always and this episode provided us with quite a bit of information on her character. She hates drugs because her son was drugged when he was younger. That made the earlier sequence where she was scolding the Swedish tourists make more sense. Character development will be a crucial aspect of this show.

Ladies, I’m sorry but no Evan Peters in this episode. Perhaps next week.

Lady Gaga was pleasantly surprising; granted, she only had about 30 lines of the course of the episode. Still, her demeanor was on point and her performance was incredible during a rather difficult and awkward sex scene.

I already know that there is going to be a lot of criticism about the level of gore that was present in this episode. Most critics hate gore and this season has the looks of an all-out blood fest on a weekly basis. I thought that the gore actually added to the overall tone of the episode. The people living in this hotel are not right. They appear to be psychotic and sadistic. Gore is necessary in most cases.

Finally, I love how AHS taps into very unique fears of people. Almost everyone has heard of the urban legend that dead people have been placed in/under beds in hotels. The show utilized that fear within the opening sequence. People tend to be afraid of having sharp objects shoved up their anus. Once again, the show runners used that to their advantage. Needles were used frequently and three people had their throats slit by a fingernail razor.

All very unique fears.

All I can say is I am excited to see what happens in episode 2.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

*All images were found on Google.com


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