Doctor Strange Review

“Forget everything that you think you know.”

That was the advice that was given to Dr. Stephen Strange by Baron Karl Mordo midway through “Doctor Strange” and that is the perfect statement to describe this movie.

Forget everything that you think you know because this is not the stereotypical superhero movie or, Marvel movie, for that matter. “Doctor Strange” is easily one of Marvel’s best films to date and it really is not even close.

The movie focuses around Dr. Stephen Strange, an arrogant but highly accomplished neurosurgeon who is involved in a horrific car accident that renders his hands virtually useless. After he is unable to find a cure or way to strengthen them physically, he travels to the Kamar-Taj to find “The Ancient One”, after learning about her from a man who was able to walk again after a paralyzing accident. Once there, Strange discovers that the world is not as straightforward as it seems and there are whole other dimensions of it that are filled with both good and dangerous magic. Continue reading “Doctor Strange Review”


Blair Witch Review

The Blair Witch Project (1999) is considered to be one of the most innovative, polarizing, and controversial horror films to ever be made. Three teenagers embarked on a journey into the Black Woods in Burkittsville, Maryland to investigate and document the urban legend of the Blair Witch. The kids end up disappearing but someone finds their cameras and the movie is the footage.

This film sparked so much discussion when it was released because of the new-at-the-time “found footage” style of narration. People were genuinely unsure if what they were watching was real or not and some truly believed the events shown in the film happened to these teenagers. That belief is why some critics and viewers loved it but also is why some viewers hated it. Nothing really happens in the movie to stimulate fear, if one did not believe what they were watching was real – there are just a bunch of creepy noises and shaky camera work.

Fast forward 17 years and director Adam Wingard decided to pull one of the biggest marketing twists of recent years and revealed that his new movie marketed as, The Woods, was actually titled, Blair Witch. Continue reading “Blair Witch Review”

“American Horror Story: Hotel” Initial Thoughs

Let me start off by saying that I am not the biggest American Horror Story fan in the world but… Wow. What a first episode. I was glued to the screen from the opening sequence (which was fantastic). Besides the obvious creepiness of it, I loved how the show creators gave a slight nod to The Shining by having a little girl stand at the … Continue reading “American Horror Story: Hotel” Initial Thoughs